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Starbucks Coffee

Bringing real Starbucks® coffee to your workplace with the K140 & K150P drinks systems.

Starbucks CoffeeWith a K140 or K150P machine your office can enjoy real Starbucks® freshly ground coffee at the touch of a button. That’s the same coffee served at a Starbucks® coffee-house, conveniently in your office, freshly made by an easy-to-use tabletop machine.

Yes, we do mean real Starbucks® coffee – and unique to this machine in tabletop vending!

The simplicity of the machine is enhanced by a drink size selector, meaning everyone can have their drink at the size they like, using their own cup if preferred – another problem elegantly solved by the K140/K150P systems.

Tea Drinkers Not Forgotten!

Twinings Teas

Not only does the machines serve the best to the coffee drinker, three different Twinings teas are available for the discerning tea drinker. View the teas here.

A Machine for Any Location

There are two machines in the range; the K140 Refillable, which does not require plumbing-in, making it truly viable for any situation. The K150P is the plumbed-in version, perfect if you have the convenience of a mains water connection.

K140 Unplumbed
K140 Unplumbed
K150P Plumbed
K150P Plumbed

K140 Brewing System – Refillable

At the touch of a button, the K140 Brewing System brews the best cup of coffee, tea and more for everyone in the office in under a minute. The K140 offers an Auto Off feature, a choice of three cup sizes and a removable drip tray to accommodate travel mugs. Available from Platino, Authorised Distributor for UK.

K150P Brewing System – Plumbed

Now everyone can brew what they love. The K150P Brewing System brews the best cup of coffee, tea and more in under a minute and at the touch of a button. It’s fully programmable, with an interactive touchscreen that lets you choose brew temperature. And it can be connected to existing plumbing for back-to-back brewing. Auto Off and a language option for English, Spanish or French make the K150P even more customisable.

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Accessorise Your Machine

K150P shown with Carton Display Rack, Cup Dispenser and Ancillary Trays

Carton Display Rack

The perfect companion to the K150P, this handy accessory neatly houses two cartons of K-Cup pods, no unpacking required! Simply tear off the removable front and insert into the rack.

Cup Dispenser

The twin-sleeve cup dispenser bank beautifully with the K150P and easily dispenses the cups.

Ancillaries Tray

Three trays for sugar, milk jiggers and napkins.

K-Cup Carousel

K140 and CarouselShowcase your favourite coffees, teas and more. The K-Cup® Carousel rotates to display 27 K-Cup® pod varieties. This chrome-plated counter piece features a 360-degree swivel base for simple rotation.


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